Sunday, January 07, 2007

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Message to State Reps: VanderVeen, Clack, DUDLEY SPADE, Polidori & Lemmons Jr.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Michigan House Bill 5267

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Michigan House Bill 5267 Hearing

Today's hearing on Michigan House Bill 5267 in the Family and Children Services Committee was a massive victory for Michigan children and families. It was VERY clear that Michigan families are DEMANDING change in our antiquated child custody laws. It was equally clear that the special interest groups were outnumbered. Those who profit from the current system at the expense of children and families had a blowing defeat.
Many speculated as to why the Democrats seemed united in defeating the bill. Many wondered if the Democrats cared about families or in pleasing the family law lobby. The hearing was that striking! One has to wonder since not a single Democrat attended the EQUAL Parents Week Rally in Sept that was organized by such highly respected organizations such as the Children's Rights Council. We certainly hope that the Democrats on the Committee will put Michigan families and children first. The testimony by the Family Law lobby seemed to help our case more than hurt it. This bill is in the "best interests of the children" and should therefore have bipartisan support.
Numerous organizations, fathers, mothers, and grandparents are traveling to State Representative Dudley Spade's district as this letter is being written. They are joining with those that live in State Rep. Spade's district to pass out flyers demanding that State Rep. Dudley Spade vote yes on MI HB5267. A pass on this vote will be seen by many as turning a blind eye to our current crisis in Michigan! Supporters of the bill showed up in mass and the vote count by their cards submitted clearly were in the favor of Michigan House Bill 5267.
The statistics alone paint the picture: Michigan has the largest number of families in Title IV-D per capita in the nation exceeding California by over 2 to 1. Michigan also has the largest ratio of Title IV-D cases per minor child in the nation. Surpassing California by 236 percent: 41.52% vs. 17.63% These statistics are shameful and an embarrassment to Michigan.
Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum states it best: “The federal incentives drive the system. The more divorces, and the higher the child-support guidelines are set and enforced (no matter how unreasonable), the more money the state bureaucracy collects from the feds. Follow the money. The less time that non-custodial parents (usually fathers) are permitted to be with their children, the more child support they must pay into the state fund, and the higher the federal bonus to the states for collecting the money. “
We would like to thank all of our Michigan House Representatives for considering the positive benefits of Michigan House Bill 5267 to our children and our society. We are very grateful that so many of you took the time to listen to our viewpoints. Several organizations are collectively launching an interactive website highlighting the Family and Children Services Committee members vote on this bill. We look forward to allowing Michigan voters an exciting way of discovering each member's vote on this children's rights bill. We look forward to reviewing the video footage. Any time we discuss allowing our children in Michigan the right to be loved and supported by both fit parents we will all benefit. Regardless of today's possible final vote, Michigan has taken a step forward in joining the 28 plus other states that have less antiquated child custody laws. Thank you once again for your time and thoughtful consideration. One thing is clear and that is Michigan families are demanding change! Our numbers grow daily and we become more united as the stakes grow for those children who are denied the love and affection of a fit, willing and loving parent. Regardless of the final vote today was a huge victory for children across Michigan.

Sincerely, Angela Pedersen, R.N.
A Child's Right

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A Child's Right is now an official sponsor of Support: System Down - the movie

We are very excited here at A Child's Right! We are now an official sponsor of the movie "Support: System Down".

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Robert Pedersen is joining Rob MacKenzie in bicycling from Lansing, MI Capitol to Washington, D.C.

Robert Pedersen is joining Rob MacKenzie in bicycling from Lansing, MI Capitol to Washington, D.C.; in support of EQUAL Parenting and with love to his son and daughter. Summer 2007


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Domestic Violence: the 12 Things You Aren't Suppose to Know" by Thomas B. James.

1. Most victims are male.
2. Violence against men is just as severe as violence against women.
3. Women who abuse are not normally acting in self-defense.
4. Most child abuse victims are male.
5. Violence against males is on the rise.
6. Violence against females is decreasing.
7. Violence by males is decreasing.
8. Violence by females is on the rise.
9. DV against men is the most under-reported crime.
10. It is not impossible for a woman to lie about being a victim of violence.
11. Many DV researchers are gender bigots.
12. Males are the primary targets of gender bias in the American legal system.
***This book will make you think and challenge what you are essentially spoon fed to believe and that is all domestic violence is by men*** When society addresses this serious problem without bigotry and discrimination towards men, it will finally be moving in the direction of stopping this evil.

Angela Pedersen, R.N. - Co-Founder of A Child's Right

Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE)

Stop Abuse for Everyone is an incredible organization that I encourage everyone to join! The membership fee is a reasonable $15 and this membership fee provides you with an enormous amount of resources regarding Domestic Violence. This is a very serious subject matter and what I applaud SAFE for is their public focus of helping BOTH genders as victims of domestic violence. It takes an incredible amount of courage for an organization such as SAFE to go against the grain and they realize that in order to TRULY address this problem the public must understand that BOTH genders commit domestic violence and they do so at almost the same rate. They are not worried about the various women's groups that discriminate against men and REFUSE to address or admit that women also commit domestic violence. NO POLITICS OR POWER STRUGGLES HERE; THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT ENDING THIS MADNESS AND NOT SIMPLY LABELING ALL MEN AS EVIL AGGRESSIVE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PERPETRATORS. Bravo to SAFE for their courage and refusal to discriminate. Visit their website at and their blog at Support this international non-profit organization NOW!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Children's Bill of Rights

Children's Bill of Rights
1. EQUAL time with BOTH fit parents after a divorce or separation.
2. The right to Step-parents that do not interfere with the relationship of the other biological parent.
3. The right to be a kid and enjoy free time for playing.
4. The right to have both biological parents EQUALLY involved in a child's extracurricular activities.
5. The right to time on the phone with both biological parents without the interference of the other biological parent and step-parent.
6. The right to parents that actively listen to the child without finishing their sentences or guiding their comments.
7. The right to ZERO parental alienation.
8. The right to EQUAL time with all sets of grandparents after a divorce or separation.
9. The right to reading time with parents before bed.
10. The right to a loving and nurturing home environment.
11. The right to continuing love and guidance from BOTH parents so that they can receive a balanced education in mind, body and spiritual upbringing.
12. The right to know that their parents decision to divorce or separate is not their responsibility and that they will still be able to live with BOTH parents EQUALLY assuming no interruption with the child's school location.
13. Michigan House Bill 5267 (Shared Parenting Legislation)
14. A government that recognizes the importance of BOTH parents and encourages marriages; not the active destruction of them via Title IV-D welfare programs.